Community 101 was developed with funds from the National Institutes of Health and is intended to be a learning resource for researchers wishing to engage in community research. So that we can track the usage of the site, and ensure that it is being accessed by the intended audience, we require that you request a login account before accessing the learning modules.slippahs

Here is the path you should follow to optimize your experience with Community 101:

  1. Click the Register tab at the top right corner of this window. Entering complete information will facilitate the approval of your request for a login account. If we have to contact you for more information, the account creation process will be delayed.
  2. After you receive email that your account is active you can login and access the modules. You may view the modules in any order. Each module is comprised of a Presentation, References & Resources and Review Questions.
  3. After viewing each Presentation you should proceed to the Review Questions for that module and test your understanding of the material. If you find that you can’t answer the review questions successfully, you should view the Presentation again.
  4. When you have finished viewing all of the modules, and have completed the review questions for each module, you can proceed to the Certification Questions. Once you start the certification questions, you must complete the entire exam. Partially completed exams cannot be saved and completed at another time. Successful completion of the Certification Questions will display a Certification of Completion page that can be saved in PDF format or printed to indicate your participation in the Community 101 learning process.
  5. Help us improve Community 101 by completing an Evaluation.

Mahalo for your participation.

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